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ARFO GROUP SPA is an italian company that produces jewelry branded “Gioiello Italiano” accordind to the regulations of the Consortium of Italian Jewelry with official punch

The production is 100% made in Italy.

For orders. platform is available:

  1. jewelry for prompt shipment
    high-rotation models in continuous production;
  2. jewelry by order
    big assortment of jewelry in goll, silver and brass

ARFO GROUP SPA is also a professional operator in gold registered at Bank of Italy at No. 5000765 and sells investment gold in 999,9 gold bars.

QUOTATION AU: 69.8356 €/g

05/28/2024 9:43 p.m.

QUOTATION AG: 0.9483 €/g

05/28/2024 9:43 p.m.